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about us

Marfi Ltd has been founded in September 1994 as a transport company specializing for East and South Europe. Currently we own 35 trucks in different variations – common semi-trailers with canvases, ultra-light (weight saving of 1,2t), bulk cargo, freezers, tankers (for fuels), towed trailers for transportation of trucks and special machinery and special vehicles rescue and buses. All our trucks are Scania matching the requirements of strictest ecological regulations EURO 3 and EURO 5. Semi-trailers are supplied by Schwarzmueller.

On a contract basis with our business partners we carryout most of our transportation to Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia and Russia. Other locations of our interest are countries of former Yugoslavia (Serbia, Montenegro, Macedonia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia and Slovenia). With respect to requirements of our main partner we carry out also transport to Belgium and from here consequently to mentioned Eastern Europe countries.

Company profile

2005 – Vehicle rescue of trucks and buses.  
2005 – Certification of system of quality according to international norms ISO 9001:2000. Certification has been lead by DEKRA Intertek Certification GmbH.
2006 – Bus transport.
2007 – Marfi Slovakia Ltd has been founded in Kosice.

Obviously, our drivers are provided with visas for the countries where Czech Republic has visas requirement.

For monitoring of our tracks we use a satellite system Echotrack, whereby we guarantee continuous control of the movement of our customers’ goods.

The main priority of our firm is to offer high quality service to our customers and satisfaction of our customers.